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We love a good letter. As a proud owner of a FIAT® 500 and a FIAT 500L Trekking, Peter Hessler penned a personal note to Fiat Chrysler Automobiles to share his experience as a member of our growing Italian family. We were thrilled to hear about all the fun you’re having in Seattle, Peter, and to hear that your wife got the chance to speak Italian with one of our dealers. Thank you for sharing. Here’s Hessler’s letter in its entirety.

Dear FIAT,

I'm writing to express my satisfaction as a customer of FIAT.

Prior to owning my current cinquecento (an azzurro 2012 FIAT 500 Pop), I drove a 2003 Ford Focus ZTW and had grown up in a family that always owned Ford vehicles.

In July 2013, I went new-car shopping & discovered the FIAT 500, which reminded me of the iconic 1950s cinquecento.  My wife & I fell in love with how cute it was, how we could both fit in the back (we're not petite) and purchased my 2012 vehicle. My cinquecento is a blast to drive!  I love the revving of the engine, the stylish look & fact that only last month I replaced the original windshield wipers (yes, I live near Seattle & those wipers see action).  I've since named my car Luigi, love it and frequently receive compliments about it along with enquiries as to my fuel economy (I average 38 mpg combined with the Seattle-area traffic).

Being a Senior Financial Analyst, I also keep track of my maintenance costs and can tell you that Luigi is not only about 10 miles per gallon more fuel efficient than my 2003 Ford Focus ever was, but also, because of its size, receives a discount on the Washington & BC Ferries (in Canada), and is running significantly less in maintenance costs.

After getting my cinquecento, my wife — who grew up in Brussels, but also lived for 2 years in southern Italy (Catania, Taranto, Bari & Cosenza) —would frequently steal my car to drive, instead of her minivan.

After building a relationship with Alfa Romeo & FIAT of Tacoma, we were presented with the opportunity for my wife to have her own cinquecento — a black 2014 FIAT 500L Trekking with BeatsAudio. My car is no longer the coolest in our teenager's opinion.

I can't emphasize how much of an asset the service team at FIAT of Tacoma is to your company.  Though other dealers are closer to where I live, I purposely drove to them because of their high review ratings & caring service they provide.  They made the service & shopping experience enjoyable as if we were a member of their own family; the salesperson taking extra time to help my wife choose her perfect car.  (She even got to speak Italian, exchange recipe ideas & places to purchase Arborio rice, whilst choosing between models — Easy vs. Trekking; moon roof vs. no moon roof, etc.)  In short, they treated us like family & reminded me of a FIAT commercial I saw, where each new FIAT 500L comes with an authentic Italian family (unfortunately, ours didn't).

Therefore …

Thank you for your re-styling of the FIAT 500 that drew upon an iconic classic yet was updated for modern needs & body sizes.

Thank you to your employees who make it a stylish, fun place to shop & receive routine maintenance.

Thank you to your engineers who changed the FIAT I grew up with to something that is more reliable.

Thank you for your cool commercials on both TV & social media ("The Italians are coming", “Blue Pill” in the 500X, or "each purchase comes with an authentic Italian family” in the back seat).

Lastly, thank you for making us the cool "FIAT Family" in the cul-de-sac where both of our cars are now FIATs that run superbly.  Our neighbor down the street has recently also purchased a new FIAT & was more excited to own after hearing of our experiences (a 2015 2-door Pop model; in white).

Best wishes & thank you for turning this company into a company that makes stylish, economical, reliable & fun cars to drive and that really lets one enjoy La dolce vita.

Your fellow FIAT family member,

Peter Hessler

This letter was published with the permission of Peter Hessler. Let us know if you have a FIAT brand story to tell, or start writing yours now at fiatusa.com.  

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